The Business Executive and The Secretary

A business executive named Witherspoon went on a convention and took along his secretary. They arrived at the hotel very late in the evening and were told that all the rooms were taken except one, and it was a single. “No problem,” replied Mr. Witherspoon, “just put a cot in there for me and we’ll share the room.”

A few moments after Mr. W. and the secretary had gotten into their respective beds, the secretary sheepishly asked, “Mr. Witherspoon, it’s awfully cold tonight, would you mind getting up and shutting the window?”

The boss replied, “Well, let’s see, if you’re cold, how would you like to pretend that you’re Mrs. Witherspoon tonight?”

“Oh, Mr. Witherspoon, I’d love to!”

“Good! Then you get up and shut the window!”

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